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Monday, June 18, 2012

So Soon - Maher Zain

Salam Dari Sang Raja Beloot

Kali ni aQoo sedeQahkan kat kalian lagoo ni...meresapi kesedihan seorang kawan yang kehilangan saudara kandungnya !!! aQoo tumpahkan simpati kepadamu...

So Soon

 Every time I close my eyes I see you in front of me
I still can hear your voice calling out my name
And I remember all the stories you told me
I miss the time you were around
I miss the time you were around
But I'm so grateful for every moment I spent with you
'Cause I know life won't last forever


You went so soon, so soon,
You left so soon, so soon,
I have to move on 'cause I know it's been too long,
I've got to stop the tears, keep my faith and be strong,
I'll try to take it all, even though it's so hard,
I see you in my dreams but when I wake up you are gone,
Gone so soon

Night and day, I still feel you are close to me
And I remember you in every prayer that I make
Every single day may you be shaded by His mercy
But life is not the same, and it will never be the same
But I'm so thankful for every memory I shared with you
'Cause I know this life is not forever


There were days when I had no strength to go on
I felt so weak and I just couldn't help asking why
But I got through all the pain when I truly accepted
That to God we all belong, and to Him we'll return, oh

Raja Beloot : semoga rohnya bersama orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal soleh !!

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